River Tracing Golden Waterfall (2d1n)


In Summer and Autumn, we all love swimming and diving in cold crystal water like fishes. Let the beautiful nature surround us like in heaven.

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(make an appointment with guide, departure with minimum 4 people)


Walking along the wild stream up to a beautiful waterfall which has 3 different levels. When sunshine comes into cave and sprays its magic on the waterfall, then you will know why it is called Golden Waterfall.

  • In the beginning, guide will instruct about equipments which you use in the river tracing course.

  • During the course, guide will teach you how to keep you safe in the water as a belief in job. You may use the skills in the future as well.

  • Follow guide walking into valley, various malformation rocks and meander river will never boring you. Butterflies and dragonflies frequently surrounding our group.

  • Guide will show you some nice spots for diving, water slides, or climb rocks. Of course, take some nice photos for you in the same time.

  • Set up a tent beside the river in the afternoon. Enjoy free and easy moments near camp. You may swim, fishing, or even count the birds in the sky while floating on calm water. 

  • Guide will serve hot Lunch and Dinner cook with locally grown food without too many flavoring, especially dinner, lets just surprise you in the course.

  • Next day morning, wake up in the singing of birds. Head to waterfall, you have more challenges, climb rocks, pull ropes, pass rapids, until reach the stunning cave which made by God. 

  • Diving and floating all the way back to camp. Pack and return to river entry.


Departure & Return

  • Dady 1 am9:00 ~ Day 2 pm3:00

  • Flexible adjustment.

Meet up loaction

  • Sanzhan community.

  • Taxi booking available.


  • Expert river tracing guide with legal license from Taiwan sport management organization.

  • Guiding throughout the day in English.

  • Insurance of outdoor activity.

  • Gears: wetsuits, helmet, wading shoes, life jacket, ropes.

  • Gears: tents, sleeping bags and pads, cooking utensils, tablewares.

  • Fresh meals cook with locally grown food.

  • ​Photo service during the course.


  • Swimming suit or dry-fast clothing.

  • Wear sandals or flip flop.

  • Using hat to avoid ultraviolet light instead of sunscreen.

  • Prepare another clean clothes for change after activity.


  • Be sure to sleep well before the date of attendant, so you will have enough energy to support long-term outdoor activities.

  • Carry health insurance card, daily medicine with you. 

  • Medical History: Lightheadedness, Dizziness, Arthritis, Heart disease, Hypertension, Diabetes, Asthma, or recent Injury, Major Surgery, Stroke, Pregnancy, or others and those who are not active in sports must be informed in advance. Please consider whether your physical fitness is suitable. If you have concealed the disease, you will have to bear the consequences.

  • Follow Leave No Trace rules.

  • Suggest to go to restroom before departure, there is no restroom in wild place. No.1 used to in the water, No.2 used to look for a private place in the forest and lend you a small shovel to dig a cat hole. Remember to carry your own trash bag.

  • It's ok to attend river tracing during menses period, suggest to use tampon or menstrual cup. 

  • After departure, please stay with our guide all the way, do not leave alone.

  • Instruction during course, please listen clearly, those are all about your safe.

  • Our guide will carry waterproof camera to take photos for you, if you would like to carry your own Gopro or camera, please keep it well by yourself.

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