Ocean Kayaking in Qingsui Cliffs (Taroko National Park)


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(make an appointment with guide, departure with minimum 4 people)

In Summer (May ~ Sep.), ocean kayaking is the best way to visit Qingshui Cliffs of Taroko NP in Hualien. To see the amazing geographic structure from ocean side.

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Hualien, the east coast of Taiwan. There are three famous sightseeings are sunrise, beach, Qingshui Cliffs, for sure don't miss anyone when you visit here. How about you can attend an activity and got all of them? Ocean Kayaking is the answer.

  • Our guide will instruct about equipments which you use in the kayaking course.

  • The white spindrift area of coast is important part in this course, you will learn how to in and out.

  • If you choose to go kayaking in early morning, you may have chance to see the stunning sun rising just next to you on the sea level. That is really a breathtaking moment. Or you choose to go kayaking in the afternoon, you will smell the mountains via breeze, and see tender colour of sunsets. It's also depends on the weather that day.

  • You will not only pass the most majestic part of Qingshui Cliffs, you will listen to stories about history, geography, and Hualien ocean.

  • There are plenty of wildlife under kayaks, lets looking forward what we can see that day, sometimes are jellyfishes, sea turtles, or tiny fishes.

  • A challenge for adventurous attendants, if our guide evaluate the situation is suitable, you may across reefs in a narrow water way, and go further to see diamond-like sea cave.


Departure & Return

  • Flexible time for 5 hours.

  • Suggest am7:00~12:00


Meet up location

  • Chongde Beach (Next to Qingshui Cliffs)

  • Taxi booking available.


  • Expert kayaking guide with legal license from Taiwan sport management organization.

  • Guiding throughout the day in English.

  • Insurance of outdoor activity.

  • Gears: life jacket, helmet, 2 person kayak, paddle.

  • Clean water to remove sand after kayaking.

  • Photo service during the course.


  • Swimming suit or dry-fast clothing.

  • Jeans and cotton are not allowed.

  • Wear sandals or flip flop.

  • Using hat to avoid ultraviolet light instead of sunscreen.

  • Prepare another clean clothes for change after kayaking.


  • Be sure to sleep for more than 6 hours before the date of attendance, so you will have enough energy complete the course.

  • If you are prone to motion sickness, please bring your own motion sickness medicine and take it 1 hour before boarding kayak.

  • Carry health insurance card, daily medicine with you. 

  • Heart disease, asthma, epilepsy, hypertension, hemophilia, major surgery and other serious diseases, special diseases, pregnant women, children under 110 cm in height, elders over 75 years old, and those who are not active in sports must be informed in advance. Please consider whether your physical fitness is suitable. If you have concealed the disease, you will have to bear the consequences.

  • Suggest to go to restroom before departure.

  • It's ok to attend kayaking during menses period, suggest to use tampon or menstrual cup. 

  • After departure, please stay with our guide all the way, do not leave alone.

  • Instruction during course, please listen clearly, those are all about your safe.

  • When entering or leaving the white spindrift area of coast, please follow the guide’s instructions. Compensation is NT600 if damage paddles.

  • For safety reasons, we will keep away from fisherman's working area. 

  • Brighter colour clothes like red, yellow, white on you will make you look better in the photo, especially the background of Qingshui Cliffs are green mountain and blue sky.

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