Snow Hiking-Mt. Jade (2d1n)

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      course fee      

Jan.~Feb. NT$8,000/person

(minimum 6 people)


(minimum 4 people)

In late Winter (Jan.~Feb.), alpine mountains of Taiwan covers by snow. Through hiking to higher altitude, you will see lush forest, breathtaking mountain view, and then the stunning white world.

Tourist scenery     ●●●●●●

Secret adventure  ●●●●●●

Physical condition ●●●●●○
Parent-child           ○○○○○○


Mt. Jade (Yushan) where elevation of 3,952 meters is the highest mountain in Taiwan. Mt Jade receives its name due to the fact that during the  winter season, Jade Peak is often  snow capped with thick snow which makes the entire peak shine like stainless jade. Since it's the most famous, and therefore most popular hike in Taiwan, Paiyun Lodge is always busy. In snow season, hikers has required higher physical and skills.


  • Day 1 : [Taichung station] ~ Tataka Trail Entrance (8.5K) - Menglu Gazebo (1.7K,2838M) - The Great Cliff (6.7K,3173M) - Paiyun Lodge (8.5K,3402M)

  • Day 2 : Paiyun Lodge - Yushan Main Peak (10.9K) - Paiyun Lodge - Tataka Trail Entrance ~ [Taichung station]

  • The detail of itinerary, please refer to pre-departure file (download link please scroll down).


Departure & Return

  • Day 1 pick up am06:00 at Taichung station.

  • Day 2 drop off pm20:00 at Taichung station.


  • Two-way transportation from Taichung train station to Tataka .

  • Mountain permission included.

  • 1-night accommodation fee included.

  • Expert hiking guide with legal license from Taiwan sport management organization.

  • Guiding throughout of the course in English.

  • Insurance of Taiwan alpine hiking.

  • Meals: D1 Dinner, D2 Breakfast.

  • Photo service during the course.



  • Personal groceries as lunch and snack during hiking. 

  • All your hiking gears, ex: backpack, clothes, shoes, sleeping bag, etc. We will offer you a suggestion list.


  • Follow Leave No Trace rules. Everything you carry into mountains, must carry out of mountains with you.

  • If you have G6PDD, Sulfonamides allergy, Heart disease, Asthma, Major surgery, etc., please be sure to inform us to assist in the care.

  • The trail is way to above elevation of 3,000 meters,please study about Altitude Sickness (AMS) in advance.

  • The route is adjustable for weather or construction issue, please stay with hiking guide all the way, do not lease alone.

  • The Paiyun Lodge is very popular and comfortable, you must take off your shoes. There are sandals to wear but it is a good idea to bring your own.

  • Helmet, Ice axe(冰斧), Grampons(冰爪) are required in snow season.

  1. Registration form_alpine area

  2. Pre-departure instructions & Checklist & Training suggestion_Snow Hiking (Route map will be different as different mountains)


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