Outdoor Adventures

Fun for Summer


Must do in Hualien. To explore uninhabited beautiful valley, diving, water slides, rafting, rock climbing, waterfall.


Recommend to energetic beginners. To learn how hunters do river tracing, wild camping, cooking, and look for a golden waterfall!


Paddle on the Pacific Ocean near Taroko, our best suggest to "Leave No Trace Ocean Kayaking" LntoKayak.com

Fun for Autumn


Available for new hikers. To see the alpine of altitude of 3000 KM and stunning alpine lake of Taiwan, Angel's tears. 


Must do in Hualien. Narrow trail and dramatically vertical cliffs, a famous hiking trail in Taroko National Park.


Choose simple or challenging routes of hiking trails. Have a aboriginal picnic in the most beautiful mountain views.


Camping in a wild place, ex: on a beach, beside a river, in a valley, on a mountain. All camping gears included. Fresh dinner cooks with locally grown food.

Fun for Winter


Nature hot spring has found in a secret cave of hundreds years ago. To see the beautiful place through climbing rocks.


Combine with hiking, river tracing, rock climbing, and wild camping. Enjoy wild stream hot spring after sweating a lot.


Available for new hikers. Alpine of altitude of 3000 KM. Different beautiful scenery in snow season or other seasons.


Well known as the highest alpine of Taiwan, and the best snow scenery of Taiwan in snow season only. Recommend to whom loves challenges.