Wild Camping (1 night)


      course fee      


(make an appointment with guide, departure with minimum 4 people)

In Autumn and Spring, go camping on beach or in a mountain, full sky of star sleep above of us, till rising sun wake us up.

Tourist scenery     ●●●●●●

Secret adventure  ●●○○○○

Physical condition ●●○○○○
Parent-child           ●●●●


When you have your vacation in Hualien, you may ever get up very early and go to beach for waiting sun rising, you may ever walk along the beach until very late for staying longer with tender moon, you may also ever lay on the beach for listening the breeze and wave, wishes to fall sleep over night. So, let's camp on our secret beach without noisy crowded.

  • We will prepare all camping equipments and dinner, lets enjoy the time with setting up tents and cooking together.

  • In the course, our guide will instruct how to do, if you'v ever had outdoor camping experiences, share the camping skills each other will have more fun.

  • Outdoor dinner party with stars full of sky, sounds of sea or river, smells of forest. If our guide evaluate the environment is available, lets sit side by side around the campfire.



Departure & Return

  • pm20:00 ~ Next day am8:00

  • Flexible adjustment.

Meet up location

  • On a beach, beside river, or in a mountain.

  • Combinable with River Tracing, Hiking, Kayaking and other outdoor activities.

  • Taxi booking available.​​


  • Expert camping guide.

  • Guiding throughout the day in English.

  • Insurance of outdoor activity.

  • Camping gears: tent, sleeping bags, cooking utensils, etc.

  • Fresh dinner cooks with locally grown food.

  • Photo service during the course.


  • Casual and informal clothing, sandals or flip flop.

  • Prepare another clean clothes for change after activity.


  • Carry health insurance card, daily medicine with you. 

  • Medical History: Lightheadedness, Dizziness, Arthritis, Heart disease, Hypertension, Diabetes, Asthma, or recent Injury, Major Surgery, Stroke, Pregnancy, or others and those who are not active in sports must be informed in advance. Please consider whether your physical fitness is suitable. If you have concealed the disease, you will have to bear the consequences.

  • Follow Leave No Trace rules.

  • Suggest to go to restroom before departure, there is no restroom in wild place. Used to look for a private place in the forest and lend you a small shovel to dig a cat hole. Remember to carry your own trash bag.

  • It's ok to attend hiking during menses period, please conceder if you feel uncomfortable. 

  • After departure, please stay with our guide all the way, do not leave alone.

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